Saturday, May 9, 2015

Water Patio Plants Less Often with this Surprising Tip!

Water Patio Plants Less Often with this Surprising Tip!

This spring while planting the garden, I wanted to try out new ways to help keep my container flowers blooming throughout the heat of the summer.  That is, without me standing over them and watering them every day!

A high school chemistry teacher waaay back in the day had beakers of gel around the classroom with flowers growing out of them.  She explained to us that it was the same water-retaining material found in diapers...and period pads.  That little bit of trivia stayed with me and this spring it's found its way into my coir-lined hanging planters.  Here's more on this unexpected repurposing...feminine pads in the garden!

Thank you to Poise for sponsoring today's article.

I think it is safe to say that most households have unused period pads hiding in the cupboards, which could be repurposed and upcycled.  Maybe they're not the type you like anymore, maybe they're no longer necessary, or maybe they had been used for Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) and you've switched to Poise LBL products. 
Water Patio Plants Less Often with this Surprising Tip! #recycleyourperiodpad

One in three women experience LBL, especially after pregnancy, childbirth, and weight gain.  Poise has designed Thin Shape super-absorbent products specially designed for the little LBL leaks, like during a case of the giggles or a sneeze.  

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Here is how I've recycled unused period pads to make Super-Hydrated Potting Soil.

1) Start with a large mixing bowl, a pitcher of water, and an unused period pad.  Tear open the pad and pour the contents into the bowl. 

Water Patio Plants Less Often with this Surprising Tip! #recycleyourperiodpad

2)  Add water.  Lots of water!  Its amazing how much these absorb.  Each is different, just keep adding until you have a loose gel consistency...

Water Patio Plants Less Often with this Surprising Tip! #recycleyourperiodpadWater Patio Plants Less Often with this Surprising Tip! #recycleyourperiodpad

3)  Mix the gel well, and let it set for about half an hour so that all the little bits have finished absorbing. 

4)  In the meantime, prepare your pot and soil.  This technique is great for coir-lined hanging planters because the water tends to drip out of them so quickly during watering.  

5) Pour a few cups worth of the gel into the potting soil and stir it all together.

Water Patio Plants Less Often with this Surprising Tip! Water Patio Plants Less Often with this Surprising Tip!

6) Plant your plants in the container as you normally would, loosely packing the soil around the root ball and watering lightly.

Water Patio Plants Less Often with this Surprising Tip!Water Patio Plants Less Often with this Surprising Tip! #recycleyourperiodpad

Sidenote:  I wouldn't recommend trying this method with vegetables or any plants that you're planning to eat, since we can't be entirely sure of what is in the pads and how it might come through into the food.  

Want to give Poise a try for LBL?  Get your FREE Poise HERE!


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    I hope you let us know how well it grows.

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