Monday, May 4, 2015

My New Roots

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Every once and awhile, you're cruising along in life and then the wind blows...a new view enters.  

That is what just happened to me with My New Roots - it shook up my world, in a good way.

I'm always looking for sources of inspiration and creativity.  When I learned about the book My New Roots from the overwhelmingly successful blog of the same name, I was very excited to learn more.  After all, we must have a lot in common as fellow bloggers who love healthy whole foods!

Note: I received My New Roots in exchange for my honest opinions.

I approached the book with excitement, yet the more I read the more I felt a feeling of bubbling resentment toward the gorgeously plated and photographed recipes.  Who has even heard of some of these ingredients, and why would I take the time to prepare something so simple in such a tedious way?  And who uses Bee Pollen in their recipes, anyways?

I went to bed thinking this book will be my new coaster, lovely but in reality only useful to prevent tea stains on my carefully refinished coffee table. 

Then this morning I went to the farmers market.  And started talking with the Bee Keeper selling honey - who as it happens, had a supply of fresh Bee Pollen that she was happy to tell me about. (More about that later!)

Which is when it hit me:  Sometimes we get into our routines, content with the world as we see it and know it, and close ourselves off to new ideas.  I'd never thought to use some of these techniques or ingredients - some of which I'd not even heard of - and was wary of them.  

It can be a question of time or energy - closing our view is easier.  Its a way of protecting what we already have and know.  But an occasional shake-up and introduction to new elements is a good thing. 

So today I'll be making Strawberry Coconut Milkshakes (HERE it is!)... with my new Bee Pollen, and a newly awakened adventurous spirit.

Note: I received My New Roots in exchange for my honest opinions.

Have you discovered any new ingredients lately?  What was your experience with them?

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