Hi, I'm Lavende!

Lavende and Lemonade is a blog that bridges gardening and fresh, healthy food - on a budget!

My garden has expanded from a tiny apartment balcony to a clay-soiled backyard.  I'll be blogging my adventures in transitioning the blank land to a garden fit for entertaining.

In the kitchen, my recipes are simple, healthy, and tested to make sure they're all worth the effort! Because really, is there anything worse than putting hours into a meal only to end up with a ho-hum result?  I use as much produce from my garden as possible, along with whatever seasonal ingredients I pick up at the local farmers markets or grocery store.

Interested in working together?  Contact me at lavendeandlemonade @ gmail.com


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  3. I would appreciate an email with the 10 vegetables to plant for fall. I live in East Tennessee, love to can and store fresh foods, also would like any tips or suggestions on canning. I would also been very interested in any DYI craft and backyard projects that you might share. Thanks and I love your site!!!


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