Monday, July 6, 2015

DIY Garden Stepping Stones

I recently had some mortar mix leftover after a brick project and was brainstorming ways to put it to use.  In need of stepping stones for my newly expanded vegetable garden, I decided to make these cute DIY garden stepping stones.  It was such a simple project, that results in cute, custom garden steppers for just pennies!  Here's how I did it.

First, find containers that are the shape you'd like for the stones.  I was hoping for round stones, and found:
- A tarte pan
- The plastic water tray from under a potted plant

Both of these had interesting shapes that I thought would be interesting as cement molds.

I started by spraying the tarte pan and water tray with PAM from the kitchen, to help keep the cement from sticking once it was done.  

If you're feeling creative, now is a great time to add detail work to the bottom of the sprayed mold.  Stones in a pretty pattern, broken tiles or dishes in a mosaic, or seashells from the beach...  Just remember that the side you want to have showing at the end should face the bottom of the mold.

Then, pour the cement mixture into the mold. (Prepared according to the package instructions)

Note: If you're going to put it into a high-traffic or unevely graded area, it would be a good idea to reinforce the cement with a small piece of chicken wire or wire mesh.  Pour half of the cement into the mold, add the wire mesh, then pour the rest of the cement on top.  This will be hidden inside the cement and give the stone a bit more durability over the long haul.

Let it cure for at least a few hours.  I got busy and let mine set out for a couple of days.

Then, flip the stones over and remove them from the mold.  The cement shrinks as it cures which makes it easy to release from the mold, and there was no damage at all to my tarte pan which was great news.  The end result is a cute stepping stone perfect for the garden!  


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