Thursday, November 21, 2013

There is no such thing as small change

When we were children, my mother gave a giant glass jar to myself and my sister into which we dropped our pocket change.  A heads-up penny found in a parking lot, a quarter from the tooth fairy, the nickel magically pulled out of our ear by Uncle Scott – little by little these coins accumulated in our jars. 

At the end of each year we’d pour our coins onto the bedroom floor to admire, then ride to the bank to deposit our treasure.  We were always delighted to learn that our small coins, of so little value individually, always added up to hundreds of dollars – a transformation our tiny minds could barely comprehend.

The same holds true for the greening of our lifestyles.  By making small adjustments to our daily habits, nearly imperceptible changes add up over time to make a large difference to the planet.  By adding attainable and sustainablehabits to our routine, we become part of the solution for this planet’s future. 

Take a moment to consider this:  If everyone in the U.S. used just ONE LESS napkin a day, more than a BILLION pounds of napkins could be saved from landfills each year!

I've provided simple tips that you can easily add to your routine – at home and on the go.  While they may seem small, they cumulatively have a huge impact on our ecological footprint and do make a difference.  

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