Thursday, November 21, 2013

Farm to Table ...make that GARDEN to Table

I love the concept of Farm to Table.  Beautiful fresh produce, grown organically just steps from the kitchen, straight out of a pastoral utopia.

The only hitch...until recently my plot of farmland was exactly two plastic pots on a 2nd story balcony.  Things have changed, and I'm now the proud owner of a postage stamp sized piece of California suburbia.  It may not be fields of wheat, but it is an exciting step towards the Farm to Table lifestyle.  I'll call it Garden to Table.

The size of the garden isn't important (insert size doesn't matter joke here...), and it doesn't even have to be our own.  After all, there are plenty of real farmers who bring the earthly goodness to the grocery store or farmers market for us.  What IS important is that its healthy, its accessible, and it makes for some delicious, affordable meals!

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