Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Thinking Twice about Baby Wipes

Thinking twice about baby wipes

Bringing home a baby opens up a whole new world, in so many ways!  Their little minds, and bodies, absorb so much of what is around them as they quickly grow.  

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As parents, we try our hardest to give them the best possible environment.  Organic foods for nursing Mommy - and for when baby is ready to have a taste too - a stimulating play environment, attentive caregivers...

I'm always on the lookout for a better way to be doing things for Baby.  Are there ways I can be more eco-friendly, ways I can reduce her exposure to chemicals, ways I can give him a purer start on life?  

Some are a compromise.  Like the cloth diapers that I hate to love.  I love that they're better for the planet and contain fewer chemicals against baby's skin, and usually are easy.  But they also are like a magnet for #2...I joke that they're a cure for lazy intestines.  Which definitely appeases my idealism as I use them!

Others are an obvious win.  Like choosing products with fewer chemicals in them, or avoiding extra products all together.  I've stopped using fancy perfumes (bonus, all the cost savings!) to reduce baby's exposure to the inhaled chemicals.  And we skip the powders and creams at diaper time.

Baby wipes were always one area that bothered me. 

I glanced at the wrapper every time I reached for one, reading the long list of chemical ingredients with a sigh.  We've always opted for the Fragrance-Free options, but the lists are still long and names are mysterious.  I tried the alternative of water on washcloths from time to time, but its messy and not an option when I'm on the go...aka most of the time!  The wipes aisle became one of those grit-your-teeth-and-pick-one types of experiences, trying to find the best option in a sea of not-so-great choices.

When I first read about a new product called WaterWipes I got very, very excited.  Someone like me had the same concerns, and spent years in the lab working on a solution.  Just water and grapefruit seed extract make these the World's Purest Baby Wipe.  And now they're available at Target which means they're sooo easy to get!  Right in the baby aisle, where I end up on every trip anyhow.  And bonus, they were on sale for just $3 per package (with an additional $2 off 2 coupon after checkout, for you extreme couponers out there!)

Thinking twice about baby wipes

I'm hooked!  First of all, the package is quieter than most.  A detail, but one that had me intrigued and definitely a perk while multitasking.  Next, the wipes are just the right size, not too big, not too small.  And the scent, they're fresh and clean - but without any added fragrances.  The texture is silky and smooth, but still manages to do the...ahem...heavy lifting.  They're about as luxurious as you can imagine, for a baby wipe that is, and all of that with just the purest of ingredients:  99.9% water and .1% grapefruit seed extract.

My new favorite baby wipes!

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What has been your biggest discovery for giving Baby a purer start?

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  1. I have always used baby wipes as makeup wipes, but the chemicals bothered my skin too much so I abandoned them. I'm really grateful to you for writing this, as I'll be sure to try WaterWipes now. Hopefully, it will work as well for me, as it does for babies.


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