Sunday, March 20, 2016

Soul Food Love

Sometimes we're so busy looking far, far away from home that we don't notice what is right on our doorstep.  Food from Thailand, recipes from France...but what about the regional and ethnic specialties right here in our backyard?
Soul food is one category here in the United States that I've yet to truly experience...aside from Rosco's to-die-for Chicken and Waffles in L.A.  My impressions are that it is often heavy, greasy, and not the type of cuisine that matches my veggie-laden, lighter preferences.  I'd always steered away from soul food, until finding this book: Soul Food Love

Soul Food Love is a fantastic introduction into the black kitchens of the south.  The author Alice Randall takes a very personal approach, sharing intimate stories from her families kitchens across generations:  The culture, the traditions, and the history behind the cuisine.  She then takes those family favorites and gives them a lighter, healthier twist.  I love that she makes soul food approachable for debutantes like myself, while at the same time giving a fresh perspective and alternatives for soul food loyalists. 

I've made and tested the Flan on page 186 and will be sharing here!

Lavende & Lemonade received free product to review on this blog.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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