Monday, March 28, 2016

How to get the Perfect Baking Blend

Haven't we all been there... pulling out the baking soda or baking powder to realize they're full of lumps and clumps.  If those lumps make it into the final product, someone is in for a bad surprise.   Its such a disappointment to take a big bite of a cookie or banana bread only to find a chalky, bitter mouthful of baking soda. This is why I've made this simple improvement in my baking that makes lumpy baking soda a thing of the past.

Its a simple as can be - the secret is to press the lumps until they dissolve.  Crumbling them into tiny crystals again instead of large clumps.  But how to do it, without losing time in the kitchen or complicating things?

In the past I poured the baking soda and powders on top of the dry ingredients like the recipes indicate. Then, seeing lumps had made it through, would try to chase them through the flour and sugar melange in hopes of breaking them up a bit.  Inevitably a few lumps would make it through to the final product. 

Now, I've discovered a trick that makes getting the clumps out easy and failproof.  No extra dishes, no wasted time chasing the lumps through a bowl of flour.  

Its simple: Now I start from the bottom of the dry ingredients list.  Baking soda and powder are inevitably the last ingredients to be listed on the recipe (mine included!).  Now, I put those into the bowl first.  Then with the back of a spoon I crush the lumps into a fine powder until everything is nice and smooth, then work my way up the ingredients list.  Everything makes it into the bowl and mixed together...except the lumps!  

Try it on these fantastic baking recipes from Lavende & Lemonade:

Chocolate Oatmeal Pecan Cookies

Sticky Apple Date Cake

Chewy Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

French Almond Yogurt Cake with Pears

Vegan Walnut Banana Bread

Whole Grain Apple Oatmeal Muffins


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