Monday, August 24, 2015

Organic Toddler Pillow GIVEAWAY from Dreamtown Kids

Before we had Little One, I started reading about organic fabrics and how they can be a better choice for babies and toddlers.  Since their skin and tiny bodies are so sensitive, even small amounts of pesticides from cotton can make their way into their systems - making organic cottons a smart choice when its feasible.  

Thank you to Dreamtown Kids for sponsoring today's article!

Now that Little One is a little older, she's excited to start using a pillow.  It makes her feel like a grown up as she settles into bed, and seems to make things more comfortable.  She's just started using an organic cotton toddler pillow from Dreamtown Kids, and naptime has gotten easier...which is a miracle as far as I'm concerned!

Dreamtown Kids is a family owned business based in Texas, that studied all types of toddler pillows before developing the format that Little One is using.  They studied size, materials, and had chiropractors review them, to help ensure that it was optimized in every way.  From what we've seen over the past few weeks - they're spot on!

The casing of the Dreamtown Organic pillow is 100% USDA certified organic cotton, grown and harvested in Texas.  And the pillow is entirely free of the chemical flame retardants that I've avoided as much as possible.  The casing is unbleached, and has a gentle weave that is perfect for Little One's soft cheeks.

I'm always nervous about having chemicals near her face that get breathed in, especially when so much time each night is spent with that exposure...which is why I'm happy to have an organic cotton option.  And I love that this pillow comes from the hard work of a small, family-run business with big dreams!

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Thank you to Dreamtown Kids for sponsoring today's discussion.

Do you choose organics for your Little Ones?  What do you love, and what is less of a priority for you?


  1. I like to keep their food and clothing free of chemicals as long as possible.

  2. it keeps them from harmful chemicals and is safer

  3. Kristin Goodson

    Choosing organic matters to me because I know it's made of natural products. We spend so much time in bed and our bodies are literally against the material. It's important for kids to have organic bedding because they don't need to breathe in chemicals while they are sleeping.

  4. I would have to say that it's great for health and less allergenic than non-organic - shaunie

  5. Organic is important to me because non-organic products are getting scarier and scarier with all the chemicals and unnecessary additives.

  6. It's a peace of mind for me that my daughter is not breathing or absorbing toxic chemicals while she sleeps.

  7. One never knows the effect of chemicals =/

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