Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers is the type of book that you keep on your coffee table or kitchen counter just to make the room feel cozy - and a source for spontaneous inspiration.  It’s linen cover is charmingly quaint and inviting, and surprisingly decorative for a cookbook!

The concept is incredibly intriguing – a sort of supper club that started with some random dinner invitations.  Imagine inviting everyone you meet and enjoy to a casual dinner, every weekend.  That is exactly what this book’s authors did, until the standing dinner date became a local phenomenon and an entire community center sprung up around it. 

Although I'm not sure I have the courage to invite perfect strangers to my house for dinner, I love the books premise that entertaining should be fun and simplistic, centered around delicious but not overly-complicated food.  The book walks through entertaining in each season and gives creative menu ideas by theme.  Planning a mushroom foraging party?  Sunday Suppers has just the recipe collection for that.  Rainy Sunday potluck?  That's covered too.  I love that both seasons and event themes are sources of recipe inspiration - because that is exactly how I think!

Overall, a wonderful book that I can't wait to cook from in the new year.  Stay tuned for the in-depth recipe review!

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Disclaimer:  I received the book Sunday Suppers for free from Blogging for Books for this review.

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