Monday, February 24, 2014

Grow fresh green onions in the kitchen

Grow fresh green onions in the kitchen

I used to buy so many packs of green onions at the store.  Granted, they are inexpensive, but I would inevitably find a bag of soggy, wilted greens in the refrigerator after a week.  Yuck.  

The beauty of green onions is that they grow extremely easily.  And they grow directly from the grocery store's stems!  

Now I grow my own green onions right in the kitchen.  I can trim off bits at a time, as I need them for a recipe.  They couldn't be fresher, are so easy to maintain, and keep my fridge clear of soggy stems.

Simply cut (and use) the green stem, reserving the white base.  
Place the base into a shallow glass of water and let the roots grow.  After a week, once they've developed a few inches of length, transplant the onions to a pot filled with soil.  ...Two steps to fresh green onions, year round!

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