Monday, November 10, 2014

Make Organic Fertilizer at Home Using Whey

When making cheese at home, the curds go to the cheese itself and the whey is leftover.  But as it is so full of nutrients that it is a shame to lose it down the drain.

This organic homemade fertilizer is a great use for the whey, which helps nourish the garden as a natural, DIY organic plant food.

Little Miss Muffet would be ecstatic, with this method for fertilizing the yard and garden with Whey.

Step one:
Make cheese...which can be surprisingly simple like this Homemade Ricotta recipe.  The cheese gets eaten...yum...and the whey is the byproduct.

Step two:
Make a whey solution, of 50% whey and 50% water.  This is very important, as full-strength whey will burn the plants.

Step three:
Water the garden with the whey solution, aiming for the ground around the plants and roots - trying to avoid the leaves.

Photo: Courgette Flowers the Morning After - Courtesy of Tom Anderson


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