Monday, March 10, 2014

DIY: Make a Terrarium

DIY: Make a Terrarium

This is a great project for a quick gift, made entirely from materials you already have at home.  Its a perfect DIY activity for the kids to help with, too.

Start with a pretty empty jar, cleaned and with the label removed.  Today I've used a small salsa jar; tall narrow olive jars work beautifully too.

Fill the bottom of the jar with rocks.  This provides drainage for your terrarium, helping keep the roots healthy.

DIY: Make a Terrarium

Next, fill the jar with high-quality potting soil.

Then choose a plant cutting and place it in the soil.  Here I've used a small Jade Succulent cutting that is a little too small for the jar right now, but which will grow quickly.  

For a great hostess gift try using herb cuttings in your terrarium, like basil or rosemary, which are simple to propagate.  To learn how, check out my post about basil propagation:  How to Grow Basil from Cuttings

DIY: Make a Terrarium


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